Simple MakeUp Routine

Beauty is to some degree subjective, and it’s important that we don’t take everyone else’s opinion at face value. We should look to discover what we find truly beautiful, whether that be in art, in people, or in nature.

I have always loved wearing makeup, but since my skin was very dry and nobody told me the importance of moisturising my skin first. I would always end up with flaky skin.

When it comes to applying makeup, there is a general order you should use products to achieve the most beautiful end look. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether you should apply concealer before or after foundation, you’ve come to the right place.


Since my skin is dry, I use NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. I usually apply it with my hands. First, you use your fingers to dab the product in 4 spots on your face. Then use the brush to blend it. On your forehead, brush back and forth. On your cheeks, brush down and away from the center of your face. And on your chin, also brush back and forth.


I have been using Nars radiant creamy concealer with a drop of moisturizer which makes the product last longer and crease less. Dab the product about 4 times under your eyes. Smooth with the brush, then use your middle finger to lightly dab underneath your eyes. The heat of your finger helps blend the concealer even more for a really natural finish. I also have been a huge fan of this Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat brightener. I love the luminous effect it has on the skin.


I use a small kabuki brush from bareMinerals to apply powder (usually Laura Mercier powder) in circular motions and buffer it into the skin for a natural look.


I don't really wear bronzer daily. I only use it for special occasions where I want to look extra sun kissed. Bronzer should be applied with a large fluffy brush. Swirl the brush in the product, tap the brush so some product comes off (important!), then start with your cheeks. Sweep the brush up and down starting at the outer part of your cheek, working your way in. Repeat on the other side. Then finish with your forehead, chin, and neck.


Blush requires a fluffy yet dense brush. Smile and apply to the apples of your cheeks.


I usually dont apply any eyeshadow and only line my eyes with kajal. But sometimes, if i have time I have a go to look for eyeshadows. First, I start with a “bone” colored shadow and cover my entire lid. Then pick a taupe color and use a denser shadow brush to dab, not sweep, the product at the bottom of your lid and work your way up to the crease. This is a great way to not only avoid getting product on your cheeks, but to also layer shadow to control how intense you want the color. As for mascara, dab the wand on a tissue first, then wiggle it at the route of your lashes and sweep up.


Last but not least, lips! For everyday,I would recommend a really pretty combination of light pink lipstick (bareMinerals Moxie Lipstick in Speak Your Mind) and coral gloss (bareMinerals Moxie Lipgloss in Party Starter).

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